Clan Halls (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Clan Halls


The combat abilities of following NPCs in Bandit Stronghold, Beast Reserve, and Fortress of Resistance have been increased:

  • Bloody Lord Nurka in Fortress of Resistance
  • Oel Mahum NPCs in Bandit Stronghold
  • Frenzied Beast NPCs in Beast Reserve

The NPCs listed above will use a skill called “Strong Resistance” when they are attacked by characters that are more than nine levels higher than they are.

The clan lord who is in possession of the Aden Clan Hall can no longer ride the Wyvern.

All members of a clan that is currently in possession of the Clan Halls in Aden or Rune Township may exchange their Great Wolf, Fenrir, or Strider for the stronger Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir, or Red Strider and use them instead.