Database - Sylph


Sylph (10)    

Spirits (7)
They are not necessarily creatures, but elemental energy beings.  They basically belong to the 4 elements, which are water, fire, wind, and earth, but they also dwell in natural objects. They are known to be governed by the gods of water, fire, wind, and earth.Slightly Strong P. Atk. (12)
Slightly Strong M. Atk. (12)
Slightly Weak P. Def. (10)
Slightly Weak M. Def. (10)
Resist Wind (5)
Resistant to wind attacks.Earth Attack Weak Point (1)
Vulnerable to earth attacks.

Exp: 296, SP: 10
Aggressive: No, Herbs: Yes
HP: 257, P.Atk: 24, M.Atk: 11, RunSpd: 64
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance