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Karte's Royal Guard

Karte's Royal Guard (48)    

Undead (1)
Called out of their graves by black magic, a curse or the power of an evil mind, most of these creatures lack intelligence and can perform only simple actions. However, some high-ranking undead possess great knowledge and sophistication even when compared to ordinary humanoids.Light Armor Type (3)
Weak P. Def. and strong Evasion.Sacred Attack Weak Point (2)
Vulnerable to sacred attacks.Dark Attack (1)
Unleashes a dark attack.

Exp: 0, SP: 808
Aggressive: No, Herbs: No
HP: 17844, P.Atk: 1321, M.Atk: 236, RunSpd: 187
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion (1) - 14.81%