Farming Guide

Greetings players,

Today I am going to leave here a quick guide for a good farming. This guide is for a server x1 based on Interlude, where getting exp is hard, and getting adena even harder. We encourage you to follow the next steps, which will hopefully lead you to get gear D before reaching level 40.

Of course, below tips are based on personal experiences and I’m sure that there are players who can offer a better combination of quests/profitability/advise, I encourage you to share your tips in the forum!

First of all, and it is not necessary to learn the name of these quests.

Start the game and open the world map, you will see various information tabs, what interests us is the one that says “Quest”. Once inside, you can sort the quest list from ascending level.

Here we start, all the ones you see that are “Not Repeatable” are mandatory. The repeatable ones are also recommended, you will see that there are more quests that are not from your initial zone. I advise you to ignore them, if somebody wants to dare to do some of them that’s great, but it is not relevant to global view. Some of this quests will give you newbie soulshots / spiritshots, so they are very important.


The story changes when you reach lv 15,  then we will go to Gludio, and (check again Map/Quest) we will have to do the Grim Collector, this quest keeps a little secret, it is imperative to exp while 15-18 killing the skeletons of Ruins of Despair, and then exp while 19-21/22 in the Ruins of Agony. The drop proportions of the different bones will then adjust and will let you assemble complete skeletons, you will get more balanced bone kinds if you go to both places. Make sure you assemble the skeletons speaking with Varsek first, then, sell them to Samed. With this quest you can get between 150-300k easily.


Next, at level 21, we must make Vanquish Remnants, in Abandoned Camp, you must get 100 items and Leopold will give you a mark (this quest is not especially profitable, but is required for the next step that I will explain below).


At level 25, or if you want 26-27, we can go Dion, and Sophya will give us the most important quest up to level 40: Hunt of the black lion. It will let you choose 4 places to do it, indistinct although I personally like execution grounds. Now, this quest is divided into 2 parts.


1. The mobs of the quest will give you items, when you gather 101 items of quest, go to Sophya and deliver them, she will give you 3 claws and adena, every 10 claws will give you a gift.


2. The mobs that drop those items, also drop cargo box, these cargo boxes can be sold to the merchant guild of Aden (look for npc in Dion), and every time he will pay you better for the boxes, however, my preferred option is to open them.


When you open them they charge you 650 adena per box, but they can contain different quantity of items, some of them are worth 500 (we will lose adena) but every now and then they give you items that are worth 10000 adena (they make you rent a whole round of opening boxes), and, coming to the most vital part, there are also pieces of table (1, 2, 3 and 4) and pieces of statue (torso, leg, head and arm), those pieces are assemblable in the forge of turn (half are broken), but those that you manage to assemble, can be sold for 30000 adena, (the statues in dark elven village and the tablets in dwarven village).

With this quest you can do between 300-600 k depending on your luck.

Finally you will see that there are mobs that will be light blue to you to fulfill the lvls commented, I did it because I preferred less experience to more adena and to balance my economy, you enter stronger to lv 40+.

I hope you find it helpful.

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