Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Hunting Zones


Isle of Souls

The Isle of Souls has been added to the west of the Dark Elven Village.

The Isle of Souls is the starting point for the Kamael, and a hunting area for players who are level 20 or below.

Any other race can teleport to the Isle of Souls by using a Newbie Travel Token.  Players may acquire a Newbie Travel Token after they complete the tutorial.

There are total of three Strongholds on Isle of Souls. Players who are under level 20 and have not yet performed the first class transfer can move to these areas free-of-charge by speaking to the Gatekeeper NPC in the Kamael Village.

There are two dungeons (Nornil’s Garden and Nornil’s Cave) on the Isle of Souls. Nornil’s Garden can be entered by a party consisting of two members or more, one of which must be a Kamael that has the “Into the Large Cavern” quest. Nornil’s Cave has no prerequisites or other restrictions, but players will want to bring friends when they venture inside–it hosts some of the highest-level monsters on the island.

Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Isle of Prayer

The Isle of Prayer has been added to the east of Alligator Island in Innadril Territory.

The Isle of Prayer is a hunting ground for players who are level 78 and higher.  It is home to various monsters with greatly increased AI that will challenge even the most seasoned players.

There are two instanced dungeons on the Isle of Prayer, called the “Dark Cloud Mansion” and the “Crystal Caverns”.

Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Dark Cloud Mansion

The Dark Cloud Mansion can be entered by a party consisting of two members who are level 78 or higher.

Players can learn helpful and important information on getting into and getting through the Crystal Caverns in this area.

Crystal Caverns

The Crystal Caverns can be entered by a party consisting of two to nine members who are level 78 or higher.

The Crystal Caverns consist of three areas: Emerald Square, Steam Corridor, and Coral Garden.  A party may enter only one of the three areas at a time.


In order to face Baylor, players must have obtained the three crystal types from the Raid Bosses in the Emerald Square, the Steam Corridor, and the Coral Garden.

When entering the Baylor’s lair, one of the three Crystal Caverns Raid Boss crystals will be consumed at random.

The “[color] Seed of Evil – Shard” can be obtained by hunting in the Isle of Prayer. This item allows players to obtain S-80 armor materials from Blacksmith Ram inside the Crystal Caverns.

Instanced Dungeons

The Instanced Dungeon system has been added. This system allows multiple parties to simultaneously enter different instances of an area for a certain period of time.


Each dungeon can be entered via an Entrance NPC. Certain requirements must be met in order to enter an instanced dungeon, including a set level, number of party members, a specific item, and/or a quest.

The request to enter an instanced dungeon must be made by the party leader.

There is a limit to the number of instanced dungeons players may enter per day.

If players are moved outside of an instanced zone by teleporting to the nearest town after death, or by using a Scroll of Escape, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If players log in after logging out inside an instanced dungeon, they are moved outside the dungeon.  After rejoining the party, they can re-enter the area as long as their instance of the dungeon still exists.

If a party leader has already initiated the instance, they cannot invite a new member to join there party from inside the instance.  The party’s size cannot be increased once they are inside the dungeon.

Players cannot use the Party Member Summon Skill while inside instanced dungeons; however, the Party Member Summon Skill can be used to summon original members of the party upon entry that are inside the castle/fortress-related dungeons.


Players are automatically moved outside an instanced dungeon in following situations:

  • Mission Completion: Players within an instanced dungeon are moved outside after five minutes of completing a mission. (This only applies to zones that do not have a teleport cube in them.)
  • Time Limit Reached: If the allotted instance time runs out, the party will be moved outside of the instanced dungeon.
  • Server Issues: If any server-related technical problems occur, such as a server outage, all instanced dungeons will be reset and players are moved outside of instanced dungeons.

Instanced Dungeon Reset

The instanced dungeon resets if all the party members who were inside leave the area. Below are the specifics on when each instanced dungeon resets after all party members leave:

  • The following dungeons reset immediately: Nornil’s Garden and Dark Cloud Mansion.
  • The following dungeons reset after 20 minutes: Castle/Fortress Instanced Dungeons, Chromatic Caverns, and City Dungeons

If a mission is completed, or the time limit is approaching, the remaining time is displayed.

Instanced Dungeon Time Limits

The maximum time limit for each instanced dungeon is as follows:

  • Nornil’s Garden (70 mins)
  • Dark Could Mansion (30 mins)
  • Crystal Cavern (90 mins)
  • Castle Underground Dungeon (60 mins)
  • Fortress Monster Prison (60 mins)

Instanced Dungeon Refresh Times

Once used, the instanced dungeon can be re-used after a certain period of time. The instanced dungeon refresh times are as follows:

  • Nornil’s Garden – 2 hours
  • Dark Cloud Mansion – no time limit
  • Crystal Cavern – 24 hours
  • Castle Underground Dugeion – 4 hours
  • Fortress Monster Prison – 4 hours

New Command

/Instancezone is a newly added command. This command will show the time remaining before you can enter the instanced dungeons again.


Hellbound, the hiding place of Beleth, has been added south of the Wastelands near Gludio Town.

Hellbound Island is the highest-level hunting ground in the game. It is not visible on the Mini Map.

The map of the Hellbound can be obtained inside Hellbound.

Hellbound is blocked by Beleth’s magical barrier. A continuous collective effort is required from each player in order to enter Hellbound.

After completing all the quests from the Isle of Prayer, players can learn how to enter Hellbound from Galate in Heine Village.

Players must earn the trust of the Hellbound natives in order to gain access to the Iron Castle where Beleth resides.

Players can increase the Hellbound natives’ trust level by killing monsters, or by completing quests for them.

The Hellbound natives’ trust level can be increased or decreased depending on players’ actions and effort.

As players earn more trust from the Hellbound natives, more tasks will become available.

Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Hellbound – Steel Citadel

The Steel Citadel is where the raid boss Beleth resides. It is an extremely challenging hunting ground that is composed of various battle areas.

In order to enter the Steel Citadel, you must maintain the trust of the Hellbound natives and continually contribute to their cause.

The Steel Citadel is a massive castle that is composed of many areas (Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, Tully’s Workshop, and Tower of Naia).

If you disconnect while you are inside Base Tower, Tower of Infinitum, or Tully’s Workshop, you must reconnect within 10 minutes or you will be moved out to the oasis near the Steel Citadel.

Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Base Tower

The Base Tower is a two-story labyrinth. You must complete the Base Tower in order to enter the Tower of Infinitum. A high level of trust must be maintained with the Hellbound natives in order to achieve this.

Tower of Infinitum

The Tower of Infinitum is where the raid bosses Demon Prince and Ranku reside. You can enter the Tower of Infinitum after completing the Base Tower. You must complete the Tower of Infinitum in order to enter Tully’s Workshop.

Tully’s Workshop

Hunting Zones (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Tully’s Workshop is where the raid monster Darion resides. It is composed of eight floors, and you must defeat Darion in order to enter the Tower of Naia.

Tower of Naia

The Tower of Naia is where the raid monster Epidos and the boss monster Beleth reside. The Tower of Naia is a breakthrough-type dungeon where you must complete each section within a certain time limit.

Existing Hunting Grounds

The monster levels in the Temple of the Pagans, the Monastery of Silence, Primeval Island, and Forge of the Gods have been adjusted.

The rewards from the monsters residing on Primeval Isle have been greatly increased.

The power of the damage zone near the Core area has been slightly increased.

Specific monsters located in Hellbound – Magic Barrier that were not dropping the proper rewards have been adjusted. They now drop the proper rewards.

The NPC Shade, minion of Dark Water Dragon, will no longer re-spawn after a certain number of deaths.

The issue with the Dark Water Dragon not attacking back when its minion Shade is attacked has been fixed.

NPC Jirrone, Buron, and Bernarde in Hellbound will now provide more detailed information about Hellbound.

When Baylor is defeated, the instanced zone will be deleted 5 minutes after he dies.

The Minions of Core will now return to their original position if they are moved outside of the boss zone.

The number of monsters in Chromatic Highlands have been adjusted.