Pets / Servitors (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Pets / Servitors


Great Wolf

By talking to a Pet Manager, a player can evolve a level 55+ Wolf into a Great Wolf.

Pets must be summoned in order for them to evolve.

An evolved Great Wolf’s appearance and skills change according to its level. (Level 60-> 65-> 70)

Pet Management

The weight of all pet food has been reduced to 10.

Previously, a pet’s gained Exp. was dependant on its combat contribution. Now, pets earn a certain percentage of their master’s Exp. acquisition.

Different pets take different percentages of their master’s acquired Exp.

If a player’s level exceeds that of his or her pet by six levels, the pet’s Exp. acquisition receives a penalty. The reduced portion of the Exp. is credited back to the pet’s master.

If a pet’s level exceeds that of its master by 11 levels, the pet’s Exp. acquisition increases. The increased Exp. is acquired from the pet’s master.

Servitor Skill Enchant

The level of a Servitor can be increased up to level 85 via a skill enchant.

For each skill enchant, the stats of a servitor change. As it improves, the servitor’s Elemental Defense value increases as well.

Servitor & Exp

The Exp. taken by Servitors has been reduced significantly. Some Servitors do not take any Exp. at all anymore.

  • Feline Queen, Unicorn Seraphim, and Nightshade now take no Exp. at level 70+.
  • Kai the Cat, Merrow the Unicorn, and Soulless now take no Exp. at level 70+.
  • Feline King, Magnus the Unicorn, and Spectral Lord do not take any Exp.
  • Kat the Cat, Boxer the Unicorn, and Shadow now take 18% of the Exp. at level 78+.

Cubic System

A Cubic is activated when its master is in combat mode.

A Life Cubic applies to party members’ pets and/or servitors.

Hate value is now applied to Cubics used by Knight Classes.

Other Updates

Nightshade’s P Def. and M Def. have been increased by 30%.

Magnus the Unicorn’s type has been changed from animal to spirit.