Residential Instanced Dungeons (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Residential Instanced Dungeons


New dungeons have been added where only Clans that own a Castle or Fortress can enter.

Types of Dungeons

  • Underground Dungeon: Exclusively for clans that own a castle, and are in a contracted state with a fortress.
  • Fortress Dungeon: Exclusively for clans that own a fortress, and have declared independance.

Entrance & Exit

Underground Dungeon: It can be entered by speaking to the Warden NPC located inside the castle.

Fortress Dungeon: It can be entered by speaking to the Detention Camp Warden NPC.

Neither of the residential instanced dungeons can be entered during a siege.

Only one party is allowed to enter the residential instanced dungeons at a time.

Once a party enters a residential instance dungeon, its reuse time is set to four hours.

When a castle or fortress changes ownership, any players inside a residential instanced dungeon are not effected. The change in ownership will not boot them out to outside of the dungeon.

When you restart in an instanced dungeon, you will be moved back outside to the entrance NPC. You can only enter the dungeon again when you’ve rejoined your party.

After dying in an instanced dungeon, if you choose “To Nearby Village”, you will be moved to the dungeon’s exit point.

Once the final boss monster dies, all players will automatically exit the instanced dungeon after five minutes.

From the time players first step foot into the instance, they have 60 minutes to complete it. All players will be teleported out of the residential instanced dungeon after 60 minutes.

All Raid Bosses will automatically de-spawn if they are not attacked within 10 minutes from the time that they first appear.

If Dungeon Raid Bosses are attacked by players who are more than nine levels higher than that of the Raid Boss, they will use strong Resistance Skills that will reduce players’ various combat stats.