Saga of the Eva’s Saint

Saga of the Eva’s Saint


Saga of the Eva’s Saint (3rd class quest for Elven Elder)
Start Level: 76
Location: Town of Oren
NPC: High Priest Hollint
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Eva’s Saint, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena


1. Speak with High Priest Hollint  in Town of Oren to begin the quest. He gives you a tattered book which appears in your regular inventory.

2. Go find Saint of Light Agnes standing outside of Magic Shop in Goddard. She sends you to find Duncan .

3. Locate Chef Duncan  at Hot Springs. He tells you to talk to Chef Jeremy for an ice crystal. This is where you have to do The Finest Ingredients-Part I to obtain this quest item. If you have already done so, simply talk to Duncan again.

4. Go back to Agnes with offering from Duncan. She will give you the first   Resonance Amulet – 1 to commune with a tablet of vision.

5. Your first Tablet Of Vision  is south of Tower of Insolence, based on the conversation with Agnes. However it’s much easier to approach the tablet from the nothern entrance of Enchanted Valley.

6. The second Tablet Of Vision   is in Valley of Saints. You can find it in a ditch surrounded by a group of Quest Monsters Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Kill of the guardians. You will get the second stone of commune (aka resonance amulet) from the last one. They do hurt a little and they are social, fortunately you only need last hit on the last guardian.

7. Find the third Tablet Of Vision   at the southeastern corner of Ketra Orc Outpost. When you talk to it, it will spawn three undead quest monsters. Don’t bother to kill the two minions, Guard of Haures, because they will respawn within a few seconds. Once you kill Fallen Angel Haures, you will get the third resonance amulet. Talk to the tablet again.

8. According to the tablet, you need to talk to Priest Bastian of Goddard Castle Town. Bastian says that you’ll need a Divine Stone of Wisdom to make a more powerful stone of commune. This is where you need to do either Magical Power of Water-Part I (if you side with Ketra Orcs) or Magical Power of Fire-Part I (if you side with Varka Silenos) to get the quest item. You must choose which side you wish to be on with Bastian, although I’m not sure if it matters to change your mind later on. Once you’ve obtain the divine stone of wisdom, speak with Bastian again. He gives you the fourth resonance amulet.

9. The fourth Tablet Of Vision is just north of Varka Silenos Outpost.

10. Go back to Priest Bastian . He tells you where the fifth tablet of vision is and how to obtain the resonance amulet for it.

11. Now you have to choose to either enter Four Sepluchers to kill Archon of Halisha, or kill 700 monsters at Shirne of Loyalty to get Archon of Halisha to spawn. I chose to second option. Kill

Grave Scarab
Scavenger Scarab
Grave Ant
Scavenger Ant
Shrine Knight
Shrine Guard

Collect 700 Mark of Halisha. You have to kill the 701st one by yourself and right after that Archon of Halisha will spawn. He is classified as demonic, so you would have to physically hit him. If you went with friends, make sure they don’t interfere with this part (no debuffs of any kind nor heals).

12. The fifth Tablet Of Vision  is located at the northwestern cornder of Wall of Argos, right by Raid Boss Plague Golem.

13. The last Tablet Of Vision  is in Forest of the Dead. When you talk to it, a Quest Monster Fallen Angel Tanakia along with an NPC Verdure Elder Elikia fighting each other will appear. You don’t have to kill Tanakia, just hit him a few times until he disappears then talk to Elikia. After Elikia disappears too, talk to the tablet again.

14. Return to High Priest Hollint. He gives you a Secret Book of Giants, 5 million adena and 2,299,404 exp.