Saga of the Ghost Hunter

Saga of the Ghost Hunter


Saga of the Ghost Hunter (3rd class quest for Abyss Walker)
Start Level: 76
Location: Hunters Village
NPC: Black Cat
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Ghost Hunter, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena

1. The quest itself begins in Hunters Village, in the house behind the gatekeeper. There you need to speak with the hunter guild member, Black Cat. She will send you off to Goddard’s dark elven guild to speak to her relative, master Drakon.

2. Go to Goddard dark elf guild, and talk to Master Drakon. He will tell you that he would break the family’s code if you bring him chef Donath’s secret recipe book.

3. Speak to chef Donath  in the Hot Springs area.

He will tell you that if you bring him Ice Crystals, the book is yours.

4. Begin the quest The Finest Ingredients – Part 1 from chef Jeremy  who’s right in front of chef Donath, near the tents. In that quest, you need to hunt some monsters in order to get the ingredients that chef Jeremy needs for preparing a meal.

5. After you collected the ingredients, return to chef Jeremy , and he will reward you with Ice Crystals.

6. Go to chef Donath , give him the Ice Crystals, and he will reward you with his recipes.

7. Go back to master Drakon in Goddard’s dark elven guild. He will give you one Resonance Amulet and will sent you off to Tower Of Insolence south to find the first Tablet Of Vision.

8. The Tablet Of Vision  is located here , just before the river end that leads to Oren Castle.

The tablet will send you to hunt the Guardian Of Knowledge, which lies within the Valley Of Saints, just near the second Tablet Of Vision . They drop a Resonance Amulet.

Its better if you make the next step in party, the mobs are dangerous.

9. The tablet sends you to the Ketra Orc Outpost to find the next Tablet Of Vision .

There, Monument Watcher Ezekiel will spawn and you need to kill him. He drops a Resonance Amulet.

10. You see a man’s face in the tablet. His name is Hermit  and you need to speak to him.

You all probably know his location, because he’s just in the first plain of the Ketra Orc Outpost.

11. Hermit tells you that you need to do the quests that Ketra’s Messenger Wahkan  gives you.

12. You need to do 2 quests: Choose an alliance – with the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos.

Detailed info about Alliance with the Ketra Orcs and Alliance with the Varka Silenos


  • If you choose Alliance with the Ketra Orcs after you will have to make quest Magical Power of Water (part 1 only)
  • If you choose Alliance with the Varka Silenos after you will have to make quest Magical Power of Fire (part 1 only)

13. Go to Hermit  once more. He will give you a Resonance Amulet. Go to the next Tablet Of Vision 

14. Next, you will be redirected to Hermit, but this time it’s another Hermit . A fisherman. He sends you to Shrine Of Loyalty to hunt the Archon Of Halisha, he posesses the next Resonance Amulet. Hunt his minions in the Shrine and he should spawn.

You need to kill 700 mobs to get quest boss Archon Of Halisha to appear (you could also go to the option with 4 sepulchers but is a much harder).

Monsters to Hunt:

Grave Scarab
Scavenger Scarab
Grave Ant
Scavenger Ant
Shrine Knight
Shrine Guard

It’s always safer to have a party, even if the mobs are weak. Go to the next Tablet Of Vision  once you get the Amulet.

15. The tablet sends you to an alternative Tablet Of Vision

Monument Defender Azrael will spawn, along with Aria Firstmatter. Kill Azrael and speak to Aria. She will give you the last Resonance Amulet. Commune with the last tablet.

16. Return to Black Cat in Hunters Village. If you are level 76 or above your occupation will be changed. If you are under lvl 76, she will tell you to go train harder, to aquire the mastery needed to use the gained power.

17. You also get as reward 5 000 000 adena , 2299404 exp and  Secret Book Of Giants