Saga of the Grand Khavatari

Saga of the Grand Khavatari


Saga of the Grand Khavatari (3rd class quest for Tyrant)
Start Level: 76
Location: Rune
NPC: Hakran
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Grand Khavatari, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena


1. The quest starts at Rune Township inside the Mystic Guild. Talk to Amulet Seller Hakran to Start the quest.

2. He will send u to Duda Mara Totem Spirit. You can find it in Goddard’s orc guild. It wants Bitter Cold Vodka in exchange for the information.

3. Go to Hot Springs and find Chef Donath . He creates the  Bitter Cold Vodka, if u get an Ice Crystal. U can get it from Chef Jeremy , by completing The Finest ingredients Part 1. The description of the quest is here:
Finest Ingredients
U need to do it only until u get an  Ice Crystal

4. When you have Ice Crystal return to Donath  and he gives u Bitter Cold Vodka.

5. Give The bitter Cold Vodka to Duda Mara Totem Spirit, and it gives u Resonance Amulet #1.

6. Speak with the Tablet Of Vision  located North of Enchanted Valley. It takes the amulet.

7. Go to Valley of Saints. And talk to the Tablet Of Vision  first. Then kill the Guardians OF Forbidden Knowledge. You will need to kill them until they drop the Resonance Amulet #2.

8. After that talk to the tablet again. It takes Resonance Amulet #2

9. The next Tablet Of Vision  is near Pilgrims Temple. I walked there from Hot Springs, but there may be other ways… Talk to the Tablet. Khavatari Uruz will appear. U must kill him, but it is not too easy. If u want to finish him fast, use Soul Breaker, Burning Fist, Cripple and Force Blaster.

10. After u killed him, u get Resonance Amulet #3. Talk to the Tablet of Vision again. It takes the amulet.

11. Now, return to Goddard and talk to Skahi in the orc guild. He needs a divine stone of wisdom to create the Resonance Amulet #4 for you. To obtain a Divine Stone of Wisdom, u will need level 2 Alliance with Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. U have to choose which side to ally with.

Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos

If your alliance level is 2 or higher u can take Magical Power of Water / Magical Power of Fire quest from Wahkan  / Naran Ashanuk
12. If u did the quest and have the Divine Stone of Wisdom, return to Skahi in the Goddard orc guild , and he gives u Resonance amulet #4

13. The next Tablet Of Vision  is west of Ketra Orc Outpost. It takes the amulet and says to return to Skahi in the Goddard orc guild.

14. Skahi tells u to kill Archon of Halisha for the Resonance Amulet #5

15. You can kill her at Four Sepulchers, but that is really hard.
Or you can go to Shrine of Loyalty and kill 700 mob including:

Each of them drops one Halisha’s Mark. If u can get a party, it can be finished very fast. When u have 700 Mark, leave the party and kill one mob. Halisha appears. Kill him, and she drops Resonance Amulet #5

16. Go To Wall Of Argos and talk to the fifthTablet Of Vision  . It takes the amulet, and tells u to go to Hunters Village.

17. Teleport to Hunters Village. Run out the east entrance of the village and pass through the bridge. Find the Last Tablet Of Vision . Talk to it.
Khavatari Kashu and Flame Evil Spirit Azira will spawn.

18. Help Kashu to kill Azira. When Azira disappears, talk to Kashu. He gives you Resonanace Amulet #6. Talk to the tablet again. It takes the amulet.

19. Return to Rune Township and talk to Amulet Seller Hakran.

20. You also get as reward 5 000 000 adena , 2299404 exp and  Secret Book Of Giants