Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel

Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel


Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel (3rd class quest for Silver Ranger)
Start Level: 76
Location: Hunter’s Village
NPC: Guild President Bernard
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Moonlight Sentinel, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena

1. Visit Guild President Bernard in Hunters Village to begin the Quest.

2. He sends you to speak with Information broker Grimst in Goddard Castle Town. I don’t know if this is bug but the quest text say Grimst is in Goddart and i found him in Hunters Village Warehouse.

3. Visit Information Broker Mist  in the Hot Springs.(Grimst wants something to please Mist’s granddaughter, Lily, in exchange for information about the thief. He says Mist and Lily are in the hot springs area on vacation.). He asks you to bring him  Ice Crystal in order to make ice cream for Lily.

4.Go to Jeremy  and accept “The Finest Ingredients – Part 1” quest. He will send you to get him ice crystals for the reciepe. You need to hunt 50 of these mobs:

5. When you have all the quest items: 50  , 50  , 50  go back to Mist .

6. With the icecream go to Grimst. Grimst gives you Stone of Commune and send you to the first tablet.

7. Go to Enchanted Valley south of the Tower of Insolence and communicate with the first Tablet Of Vision

8. Go to the Valley of Saints, second Tablet Of Vision  . It’s surrounded by quest monsters (Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge, big female angels). Click on Tablet of Vision #2 and you’re told to kill *all* of the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Communicate with the tablet again.

9. Go to the tirth Tablet Of Vision  . When you speak with this tablet will spawn Monument Watcher Ezekiel . Kill it and recieve Stone of Commune. Talk with the tablet again.

10. Go to Pilgrim Of Darkness  .

The Pilgrim of Darkness says that you must get the Divine Stone of Wisdom

Now you need to choose an alliance – with the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos.

Detailed info about Alliance with the Ketra Orcs and Alliance with the Varka Silenos

11. When done, return to Wahkan. NOTE: choose now quest “Magical Power of Water” quest from him.

12. Go to Asefa

Note: Don’t kill any Ketra Orc on the way becase it will cancel the allience with them.

13 Asefa send you to get one totem from the Varka silenost. Buy a Key of Thief from the shop in town and go to Udan Mardui’s Box
Note: Don’t kill any silenos on the way , or you will be “seen”
When you are ready go back Asefa  and she will give you  Divine Stone Of Wisdom.

14. Go back toPilgrim of Darkness and you will recieve Resonance Amulet 4.

15. He sends you to the fourth Tablet Of Vision  . Go there and communicate with it to know where the thief went.

16 . The Tablet of Vision shows a Human similar to the previous Pilgrim of Darkness talking to the thief and shows you a place on the road from Goddard Castle Town to the Ketra Orc Outpost. Go to Pilgrim Of Darkness

17. Now you need to kill 700 mobs to get quest boss Halisha to appear (you could also go to 4 sepulchers but is harder).

Monsters to Hunt:

Grave Scarab
Scavenger Scarab
Grave Ant
Scavenger Ant
Shrine Knight
Shrine Guard

When you get 700 quest items on the 701 quest mob Archon of Halisha appears. You must solo her. When you kill her you get Resonance Amulet – 5  .

18. Go to the fifth Tablet Of Vision  and talk with it.

19. Go to the sixth and last Tablet Of Vision  When you talk with it NPC Winter Hunter Kadyth will spawn figthing Monument Defender Azrael. Help Kadyth in this fight. After talk with Kadyth. Talk to the tablet again

20. Return to Guild President Bernard in Hunters Village

21. You also get as reward 5 000 000 adena , 2299404 exp and  Secret Book Of Giants