Saga of the Mystic Muse

Saga of the Mystic Muse


Saga of the Mystic Muse (3rd class quest for Spellsinger)
Start Level: 76
Location: Ivory Tower
NPC: Arkenias
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Mystic Muse, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena

Preparations: Image Ice crystal (The Finest Ingredients – Part 1) , Image Mark Of Ketra’s Alliance – Level 2 (Alliance With The Ketra Orc) or Image Mark of Varka’s Alliance – Level 2(Alliance With The Varka Silenos), ImageDivine Stone of Wisdom (Magical Power of Water – Part 1 or Magical power of Fire – Part 1).Also lots of SoEs, potions and shots.

  1. Visit Grand Magister Arkenias in Ivory Tower. She sends you to the Town of Goddard to Magister Alminas.
  2.  Alminas sends you to Information Broker Mist who is in Hot Springs.
  3. Mist wants Ice Crystals in return for his information, which you can get by doing The Finest Ingredients – Part 1.
  4. Talk to him again if you have the Ice Crystal or come back after you are done with the quest.
  5. Go back to Alminas. He will give you Resonance Amulet – 1 and send you to find the Tablets Of Vision.
  6. The first one is near the Tower of Insolence but it’s easier to get there if you walk from Aden or Northern Enchanted Valley. Remember always to take a look at the map-the quest tracking system helps a lot!
  7. Second tablet of Vision is in the Valley Of Saints (don’t forget to check the pointer on your map). The tablet will tell you that the 2nd Resonance Amulet is held by one of the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Kill the angels until you get your Resonance Amulet – 2.Return to the Tablet of Vision.
  8. The Tablet sends you to Border Outpost.Talk to the Tablet there and Fallen Angel Allector and his guardians will appear.You have to kill them first and then deal with Allector.Note that you have to do this part without ANY help – if you get buffed or healed the fallen angel will disappear.
  9. Talk to the Tablet.He will send you back to Alminas.
  10. The Grand Master Alminas requires ImageDivine Stone of Wisodm (Magical Power Of Water / Fire).If you have it already talk to him again or go and get the Stone and come back to Alminas.
  11. He will send you to the next Tablet located sout of MoS.Talk to the Tablet of Vision and head back to Alminas.
  12. After talking to him head to the Shrine of Loyalty * (Wall of Argos) and hunt:
    Grave Scarab
    Scavenger Scarab
    Grave Ant
    Scavenger Ant Scavenger
    Shrine Knight
    Shrine Guard Shrine Guard

    Archon of Halisha will spawn.He is a weakling so it shouldnt be hard at all for you.Once the Archon is finished head to the next Tablet of Vision located in the Wall of Argos (don’t forget about the tracking system).

  13. Now port to Forsaken Plains and walk by foot (or on your mount) to the next Tablet.Talk to it and 2 NPCs will appear. Silver Feyshar will be attacked by the Unknown Stopper.Kill him and talk to Silver.Talk to the tablet and earn Resonance Amulet – 6.
  14. Take the way back to Ivory Tower and talk to Arkenias. Receive your rewards and become a Mystic Muse
  15. You also get as reward 5 000 000 adena , 2299404 exp and  Secret Book Of Giants

*Note: This part of the quest may be done by fighting in the Four Sepulchers.