Saga of the Spectral Master

Saga of the Spectral Master


Saga of the Spectral Master (3rd class quest for Phantom Summoner)
Start Level: 76
Location: Ivory Tower
NPC: Fairen
Type: Change Class Quest
Rewards: Spectral Master, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena


The quest can be taken from Fairen who can be found in the 4th level of Ivory Tower.

She sends you to Summonner Noctisse, who is in the Dark elven guild of Aden.

She is very ill, and she asks you to get her medicine from Magister Kamilen in Goddard.

In the Darkelven guild of Goddard, talk to Kamilen. She needs an ice crystal to create the medicine.

You can get an Ice Crystal from Chef Jeremy, by completing The Finest ingredients Part 1.
The description of the quest is here:
Finest Ingredients

When you have an ice crystal, return to Kamilen, who gives you the medicine.

Take it to Noctisse, who gives you Resonance Amulet #1.

From Hunters Village, teleport to Northern Enchanted Valley, and find the first Tablet of Vision. When you talk to it it takes your amulet.

Now, go to the Valley of Saints. And find the second Tablet of Vision. Talk to it. Nothing Happens. There are Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge around the Tablet. They look like female angels, and they have the voice of a chicken.

Hunt them until you get Resonance Amulet #2.

Return to the Tablet of Vision. It takes your amulet.

Now you have to find the third Tablet, which can be reached from Ketra Orc outpost pretty easily. When you talk to the Tablet, Vision Guardian Shakiel will appear. If the summon attacks him, it dies, because he activates some kind of reflect damage buff on himself. Don’t worry. As a phantom summonner u have the power of the Death Spike, which can help you out. It will make ridicolous damage on him, but u can kill him this way. I made 30-40 Death Spikes on him and he was dead.

Another way to kill it faster: It kills Your summon, when it’s attacking with melee. I’ve tried Silhouette’s Steal Life. It works perfectly.

When he dies, you get Resonance Amulet #3

Talk to the Tablet of Vision, which of course, takes your amulet.

Now return to Ivory Tower and talk to Fairen. She tells you, that you must get a Divine Stone of Wisdom. To obtain a Divine Stone of Wisdom, u will need level 2 Alliance with Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. U have to choose which side to ally with.

Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos

If your alliance level is 2 or higher u can take Magical Power of Water/Magical Power of Fire quest from Wahkan/Naran Ashanuk.

When you have a Divine Stone of Wisdom, return to Fairen, who gives you Resonance Amulet #4.

Take it and go to the fourth Tablet Of Vision. Talk to it and it takes the 4th amulet.

Now you must go back to Aden and talk to Noctisse again. She will tell you, that you must kill Archon Of Halisha in order to get the 5th Resonance Amulet.

You can kill her at Four Sepulchers, but that is really hard.
Or you can go to Shrine of Loyalty and kill 700 mob including:

Each of them drops one Halisha’s Mark. If u can get a party, it can be finished very fast. When u have 700 Mark, leave the party and kill one mob. Halisha appears. Kill him, and she drops Resonance Amulet #5

Now find the 5th Tablet of Vision, which is in the North-Western part of Wall of Argos. Talk to the Tablet, which takes your amulet, and shows the location of the last Tablet.

Go to the Forest of Dead, and find the last Tablet. When you talk to it, 2 Mysterious Servitors are going to appear. Kill the one you can’t talk with. After it disappeared, talk to the Mysterious Servitor. It gives you Resonance Amulet #6

Talk to the Tablet. It takes your amulet.

Now Return to Fairen. Talk to her and finish the quest.

You also get as reward 5 000 000 adena , 2299404 exp and  Secret Book Of Giants