Sieges (Kamael + Hellbound Update)



Siege Rule Changes

All attacking clans registered for siege war are in a state of temporary alliance. Due to this temporary alliance, players are no longer able to force-attack friendly members or their headquarters.

Characters that are not registered for siege war will receive the same death penalty in the siege area as in the regular field.

When a registered player dies on the siege field that they’re registered for, they lose one-fourth of the normal experience loss they would normally receive.

Characters no longer collide with other characters.

Castle Defender NPC

The level of the Mercenary NPC and the Castle Defenders has been increased.

The HP and P. Atk. of the King and Knight NPCs have been increased.

Political Activities

Depending on the contract status of the fortresses, a castle-owning clan’s usage of the instanced dungeons and the ability to upgrade the castle defenses may be restricted. Castles can use the instanced dungeons and upgrade their defense features only when the nearby fortresses swear fealty to the castle.

A castle-owning clan cannot register to attack a nearby fortress that swore the fealty to their castle.

A castle-owning clan can register to attack a nearby fortress that hasn’t sworn the fealty to their castle. Once the castle succeeds in taking over the fortress, it is inhabited and owned by NPCs.

If a fortress-owning clan swears fealty to the nearby castle, 12,500 Adena is automatically donated to the castle-owning clan as tax, and two Clan Reputation Points are deducted from the castle-owning clan every six hours.

If the castle-owning clan’s Reputation Points drop to less than two points, no more points will be deducted and no tax will be collected from the fortress; however, the fortress shifts from contracted to independant.

Siege Participation Level Changes

The clan level needed to participate in a castle siege has been changed from level 4 to 5.

The Seal of Ruler skill has been changed so that a clan must be level 5 in order to acquire it. The skill has been deleted from the level 4 Clan Lord.


Each time a clan successfully defends a castle, it receives “Blood Alliance” from the castle warehouse keeper.

Blood Alliance can be used to increase a clan’s level. Also, it can be used to trade with a Clan Trader NPC for reputation points.

Seven Signs

The alliances of a clan that is in possession of a castle can now join the Revolutionaries of Dusk during the Seven Signs competition period.

When the Revolutionaries of Dusk control the “Seal of Strife,” the alliances of a clan in possession of a castle cannot participate on the defense side during a siege. When the castle siege begins, registration will be cancelled for all clans on the defense side except for the clan in possession of the castle.

Other Changes

During a castle siege, alliances can now register as opposing forces.

During a castle siege, clans on opposing sides can still form an alliance.

When a clan succeeds engraving the Holy Artifact during the castle siege, the alliances of that clan who registered as siege forces will now stay as siege forces. They do not automatically switch to the defending side and will be moved to the restart point outside the castle.