Skill Changes (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Skill Changes


New Skills


Skill Name


Sword Muse Song of Elemental Significantly increases the four types of elemental resistance for all party members.
Spectral Dancer Dance of Alignment

Significantly increases Holy/Unholy resistance for all party members.

Dagger Classes Critical Wound Increases the critical damage inflicted on target. Effect 1.
Binding Trap Detects traps below Level 78.
Remove Trap Disarms traps below level 78.
Archer Classes Counter Chance

Ghost Sentinel

The skill casting speed and the MP consumption of the skills have a chance to be greatly decreased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
Counter Rapid Shot


The bow attack speed of all party members has a chance to be increased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
Counter Dash



The speed of all party members has a chance to be increased when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
Counter Mind

Ghost Sentinel


The user’s MP has a chance to be recovered when attacked. An equipped bow is required in order to use this skill.
Titan Over the Body Your fighting spirit and determination give you a temporary boost of courage and allow you to push your body past normal limits.
Fortune Seeker Spoil Bomb AoE skill that puts targets into spoil state. Targets then explode after a set time (this does not cause AoE damage).
Archmage Fire Vortex Buster Detonates the Fire Vortex around an enemy to inflict heavy damage.
Count of Fire Uses the power of fire to inflict damage by burning the target for a set amount of time.
Mystic Muse Ice Vortex Crusher Crushes the enemy in an Ice Vortex to inflict heavy damage.
Diamond Dust Freezes targets within range to decrease their speed.
Throne of Ice Uses the power of ice to inflict damage by freezing the target for set amount of time.
Storm Screamer Wind Vortex Slug Batters the enemy with a Wind Vortex to inflict heavy damage.
Empower of Echo Increases the power of magic by increasing MP consumption.
Throne of Wind Uses the power of wind to inflict the damage by continuously slashing the target for set amount of time.
Bishop Divine Power Temporarily increases the power of recovery magic.

Eva’s Saint

Mana Gain Allows the target to receive greater effects from the Recharge skill.
Shillien Saint
Doom Cryer Chant of Protection Temporarily reduces the amount of critical damage party members receive from enemies.
Overlord Seal of Blockade Instantly prevents general attacks of nearby enemies, making them unable to attack.
Knight Classes Iron Shield Increases the shield block rate in certain probability when attacked.
Shield of Faith Maximizes the physical and magical defense power of party members, and takes damage for them as long as the skill is active.

Skill Changes (Kamael + Hellbound Update)


New High-Level Skills

New skills that can be acquired at level 81 have been added. Unlike previous skills, SP is not consumed to learn these new skills. When you double-click on the Forgotten Scroll, the applicable skill is automatically acquired. The Forgotten Scrolls for these new skills drop off of specific boss monsters (Baium, Frintezza, Antharas, Valakas, and Beleth.)

The new skills, all of which are acquired at level 81, are listed below.

All Classes

  • Protection of Rune: Increases M. Def.
  • Protection of Elemental: Increases resistance to elemental attacks
  • Protection of Alignment: Increases resistance to Holy and Dark attacks

All Fighter Classes

  • Fighter’s Will: Increases P. Atk. when melee weapon is used
  • Archer’s Will: Increases P. Atk. when bow is used

Knight Classes

  • Anti Magic Armor: Greatly increases M. Def. momentarily

Hell Knight

  • Seed of Revenge: Increases P. Atk., and additionally increases Critical Rate depending on stage increase
  • Insane Crusher: Ranged attack when Seed of Revenge reaches stage 3
  • Hell Scream: Decreases P. Def and M. Atk. and causes fleeing

Phoenix Knight

  • Spirit of Phoenix: Increases P. Def., and increases resistance to Darkness and Fire depending on stage increase
  • Flame Icon: Greatly increases party members’ battle abilities

Eva’s Templar

  • Eva’s Will: Increases M. Def., and increases Water-type attack and Critical Rate depending on the stage increase
  • Touch of Eva: Greatly restores party members’ HP and increases HP regeneration.

Shillien Templar

  • Pain of Shillien: Increases Critical Damage, increases Wind-type attack, and bestows Vampiric effect depending on the stage increase
  • Touch of Shillien: Greatly decreases the maximum CP of nearby targets, and cancels buffs

Adventurer, Wind Rider, and Ghost Hunter

  • Sixth Sense: Increases Evasion when HP is below 30%
  • Expose Weak Point: Decreases the target’s P. Def. and increases your target’s chance to be critically hit


  • Exciting Adventure: Increases Speed, Evasion, Success Rate of deadly attack, Physical skill dodge

Wind Rider

  • Wind Riding: Increases Speed, Evasion, Success Rate of deadly attack, Physical skill dodge

Ghost Hunter

  • Ghost Walking: Increases Speed, Evasion, Success Rate of deadly attack, Physical skill dodge


  • Flame Hawk: Range attack using a bow

Moonlight Sentinel

  • Arrow Rain: Range attack using a bow

Ghost Sentinel

  • Ghost Piercing: Range attack using a bow


  • Dread Pool: Decreases speed of nearby targets, causing fleeing


  • Weapon Blockade: Cancels the target’s weapon

Grand Khavatari

  • Force of Destruction: Inflicts damage and continuously decreases HP


  • Demolition Impact: Range attack on surrounding targets


  • Golem Armor: Transforms into a golem with increased battle abilities


  • Flame Armor: Increases resistance to Fire / Added damage effect to attacking target

Mystic Muse

  • Frost Armor: Increases resistance to Water / Decreases speed of attacking target

Storm Screamer

  • Hurricane Armor: Increases resistance to Wind / Decreases attack speed of attacking target


  • Vampiric Mist: Inflicts damage on nearby targets and absorbs HP

Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, and Spectral Master

  • Servitor Barrier: Momentarily makes the servitor invincible
  • Excessive Loyalty: When the master incurs damage, the servitor’s battle skills are increased
  • Mutual Response: When the master attacks, the servitor’s HP/MP are restored


  • Sublime Self-Sacrifice: Consumes HP and makes party members invincible

Eva’s Saint

  • Blessing of Eva: HP, MP, and CP are all restored, and debuffs have a chance of being deleted

Shillien Saint

  • Lord of Vampire: Greatly absorbs as HP a portion of the damage inflicted on a target
  • Throne Root: Causes Hold on nearby targets, and continuously consumes HP


  • Restricts the CP, HP, and MP recovery of nearby targets


  • Range attack using a crossbow

Soul Hound

  • Causes Paralysis on nearby targets

Skills Acquired through the Skill Trainer NPCs

New Kamael class skills that are below level 80 have been added. These skills can be acquired through the Skill Trainer NPCs.

All Kamael

  • Soul Cleanse: Cancel all debuffs

Berserker and Arbalester

  • Soul Barrier: Increases resistance for M. Def. and bow attacks

Soul Breaker

  • Curse of Life Flow: HP recovery when attacking a cursed target
  • Soul Strike: Soul-throwing attack
  • Soul Vortex: Decreases the target’s speed, attack speed, and casting speed
  • Soul Vortex Extinction: Explodes the Soul Vortex to inflict damage


  • Betrayal Mark: Inflicts damage on the target’s party while attacking


  • Rush Impact: Charges to inflict shock and damage
  • Mass Disarm: Cancels nearby target weapons

Soul Breaker and Inspector

  • Lightning Barrier: Inflicts Paralysis on the target who attacks you

Arcana Lords, Elemental Masters, Spectral Masters, Eva’s Templars, and Shillien Templars who reach level 80 can acquire a new skill called Summon Smart Cubic. A Smart Cubic can fully check its master’s condition and cancel every type of debuff.

A song/dance skill that raises resistance to bows has been added. These skills are acquired at level 75.

Sword Muse

  • Song of Windstorm: Increases party members’ resistance to bow attacks.

Spectral Dancer

  • Dance of Blade Storm: Greatly incrases party members’ resistances to bow attacks and decreases M. Atk.

A skill that permits battle efficiency by receiving two types of buff effects with just one buff has been added.


  • Improve Combat: Shield + Might (Level 70)
  • Improve Condition: Bless the Body + Bless the Soul (Level 70)

Elven Elder

  • Improve Shield Defense: Bless Shield + Advanced Block (Level 70)
  • Improved Movement: Wind Walk + Agility (Level 70)

Shillien Elder

  • Improve Magic: Empower + Magic Barrier (Level 70)
  • Improve Critical: Focus + Death Whisper (Level 70)


  • Chant of Combat: Shield + Might (Level 70)
  • Chant of Critical: Focus + Death Whisper (Level 72)
  • Chant of Blood Awakening: Vampiric Rage + Haste (Level 74)


Skill Enchantments

Various new ways of skill enchanting have been added.

Safe Skill Enchant

Failing a skill enchantment does not decrease the enchant skill level.

The amount of SP and Exp. consumed is three times greater than that of a regular skill enchant.

Giant’s Codex – Mastery is required.

Enchant Route Change

The skill enchantment route can now be changed to different route.

The skill enchantment level has a chance to decrease up to three levels when changing the skill enchantment route.

Giant’s Codex: Discipline is required, along with some SP and Exp. consumption.

Skill Un-enchanting

Enchanted skills can be un-enchanted one level at a time.  Some of the consumed SP will be returned.

Giant’s Codex: Oblivion is required.

New Enchantment Route

Active, Passive, and Toggle skills can be enchanted.

Various new enchantment types have been added.

Some skills can be enchants with elemental attributes.

Skill Enchanting Changes

The types of skills that can be enchanted have been increased. Skills acquired before the third class change can be enchanted up to stage 30. Skills acquired after the third class change can be enchanted up to stage 15.

The issue with MP not being recovered correctly at some skill levels when the Sweeper skill is enchanted to Power route has been fixed.

Existing Skills Changes

Debuff skill durations have been adjusted.

DoT skill effects have been significantly increased.

The effect of evading physical skills is now added to Ultimate Evasion skill.

The Erase skill’s re-use time has been increased.

The Shield Mastery skill increases shield defense power.

The Bless Shield skill’s increased shield defense rate has been reduced slightly.

The Shield Stun attack now increases the target’s aggressiveness.

The Advanced Block skill’s increased shield defense power has been reduced slightly.

Sonic Focus and Focused Force can now collect energy up to grade 8.

Plainswalkers’ Critical Chance skill level has been increased.

Abyss Walkers’ Critical Power skill level has been increased.

The Frenzy skill’s increased power is now reduced if the character’s HP goes above 30%.

The power of Aggression and Aura of Hate skills have been significantly increased, as well as their reuse time. It has also been changed so that it is not affected by attack speed improvement buffs.

The Vengeance skill’s aggression power has been increased significantly.

The chance to evade critical damage has been added to the Light Armor Mastery skill that can be learned by Rogues, Elven Scounts, Assassins, and Monks.

The received critical damage reduction effect has been added to the Heavy Armor Mastery skill that can be learned by Knights, Elven Knights, and Palus Knights.

The Riposte Stance, Physical Mirror, and the Magical Mirror skills can now reflect buff/de-buff skills as well.

The Sword Symphony skill can now affect other players, and its power and success rate have been increased.

The Mass Curse Fear effect and Word of Fear skill can now affect other players, and their re-use time has been increased.

The effect of vampiric skills has been changed. These skills now absorb a certain percentage of the target’s remaining HP rather than certain percentage of inflicted damage.

The target-cancelling effect of the Shock Blast skill has been improved, and its casting time has been reduced.

The Revival skill’s requirement has been changed from 5% HP to 10% HP.

The Lion Heart skill’s reuse time has been reduced.

Skills that previously targeted alliance members will now affect only immediate clan members.

The Mana Burn and Mana Storm skills’ power has been decreased, and their re-use time has been increased.

The Aura Sink and Seal of Gloom skills’ power have been decreased.

Players can now receive Heal and Recharge effects from a servitor during a duel.

The Holy Weapon skill’s effect now affects magic skills as well.

The displayed effect of some abnormal states (ie: ice, wind, fire, paralysis, petrification, MP-DoT) has been changed.

The vampiric skills with the polearm weapons will now work differently.  The amount of absorbed HP will be exponentially reduced after the first target. For example, the amount of absorbed HP gained from the second target will be less than that from the first, the third less than the second, and so on.

A bug has been fixed where the stacking of aggression occurred when using a spear to attack several monsters.

Only one attribute-related attack buff can be applied at a time. (For defense, several buffs can be applied.) For example, if a water-attributed attack buff is applied while having the fire-attributed attack buff, the effect of the fire-attributed attack buff will be cancelled.

The Over the Body skill’s use condition has been changed. In order to use the skill, your CP must be above 80%. When the skill is used, all of your CP are consumed.

The duration of the Divine Power skill has been shortened, and the amount of HP that the skill Heal restores has been greatly increased.

The range increases at certain skill levels for the Shoulder Charge, Blade Rush, and Storm Assault skills.

The Seed of Fire skill’s effect has been changed to increase your Fire elemental P. Atk.

The Seed of Water skill’s effect has been changed to increase your Water elemental P. Atk.

The Seed of Wind skill’s effect has been changed to increase your Wind elemental P. Atk.

The Final Form skill’s P. Atk., M. Atk., P. Def., and M. Def. have been greatly increased.

An additional effect for Aggression and Hate Aura has been added. This new effect has a chance to lock your enemy’s target onto you for three seconds.

The use condition has been changed for the following skills so that they can be used without having to receive elemental energy; this results in the re-use time and power being changed for these skills: Aura Symphony, Inferno, Blizzard, Demon Wind, Elemental Assault, Elemental Symphony, and Elemental Storm

When the following skills are acquired, your magic attack resistance rate is increased: Magic Resistance, Magic Immunity, and Anti Magic

An Overlord’s overall clan buff has been changed to also apply to the clan members’ summoned pets/servitors.

The amount of required SP to learn a skill for some Kamael classes has been changed.

The Harmony of Noblesse and Symphony of Noblesse skill effects have been changed. They are now buff skills that can be used only during a siege.

The following skills have been changed to passive skills (the effects are the same as before): Counter Chance, Counter Rapid Shot, Counter Dash, and Counter Mind

For the following post-level-40 skills, an additional effect has a chance to be triggered when you attack.

  • Blunt Mastery: Decreased skill MP consumption and increased stun attack success rate
  • Dagger Mastery: Decreased skill MP consumption and increased critical attack success rate

The enchant route of certain skills has been changed.

  • Aggression: Enchant Additional Defense –> Enchant Additional Attack (decreased target P. Atk.)
  • Hate Aura: Enchant Additional Defense –> Enchant Additional Attack (decreased target P. Atk.)
  • Shield Stun: Elemental Break Fire/Water/Wind/Earth –> Elemental Reduce Fire/Water/Wind/Earth (weakens the target’s resistance to fire/water/wind/earth)

When the passive skill Counter Rapidshot is triggered while a crossbow is equipped, the attack speed increase will now apply.

The amount of Exp. and SP required for skill enchants have been partially changed.

The error where the Holy battle attribute increased when enchanting the Dance of Light skill has been corrected.

The duration and re-use time of the Seal of Blockade skill have been changed, and there is now additional damage done to the target (decreased duration, increased re-use time).

The error where Exp. didn’t fully restore when a class with a low WIT using an augmented weapon with a resurrection option has been corrected.

The issue with the Harmony of Noblesse and Symphony of Noblesse skills not working properly for the owners of Bandit Stronghold and the Beast Farm clan hall during the battle has been fixed.

The issue with the skill casting effect not showing properly when mounted on a pet has been fixed.

The HP recovery penalty for the Kamael Guilted Body passive skill has been decreased from 30% to 5%. For example, the amount of HP that the Kamael will receive from a 1,000HP heal is increased from 700HP to 950HP.

The reuse time information for skills and items is now displayed as system messages.