Underground Coliseum (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Underground Coliseum

Underground Coliseum (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

An Underground Coliseum where you can enjoy a new team battle style of PvP (death match) has been added. You can travel to the Underground Coliseum free of charge via the Fantasy Isle teleport NPC and non-newbie town teleport NPCs.

Registering for the Games

You can register to participate in the games at any time, and as often as you like. There is no time restriction.

After you form a party consisting of at least seven members, the party leader can register for the games via the Admission Manager NPC.

The games occur in the order and frequency in which teams register for them.

About the Games

The games are death-match style and the winning team continues on to battle against the next team of contenders.

Before the party leader registers his or her team, the party leader and all party members must decide where their individual starting location will be when the battle begins by adjusting their order in the party window. The order directly affects where each member will begin the battle when they are teleported into the coliseum.

Once the game begins, a resurrection tower will appear in the coliseum. When a player is killed, he or she will join the match again near the resurrection tower.

If the resurrection tower is destroyed, you cannot automatically resurrect inside the coliseum; however, you can still resurrect inside the coliseum by using a resurrection skill or item.

Underground Coliseum (Kamael + Hellbound Update)

Win/Lose Conditions

Victory in a game is determined by the number of kills.

If the opposing team has the same kill count, then the team with fewer deaths is the victor.

If both teams have the exact same number of points, the first team to have registered for the game will be deemed the victor.

You can also win before the end of a match by destroying all of the opposing team’s members.

Types of Coliseums

There are five coliseums in total. The coliseum you are sent to depends on your level.

  • Levels 40-49
  • Levels 50-59
  • Levels 60-69
  • Levels 70-79
  • No level limit game