Farming guide (by Jerasa)

This is a guide focused on giving you a good foundation in the first levels of the game created under my personal experience

Level 1

We’re just getting started; for many this is routine, but we should talk to the newbie helper

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

It will send us to kill gremlins until they throw us a blue gem (usually with 1 or 2 they already give it to you)

Once we have the gem we give it to the newbie helper and he will give us some shot/spirt shots and an item (The item varies according to the race, but it fulfills the same objective)

This item must be delivered to the npc next to the newbie helper

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

Once we give him the item he will give us more shot/spirit shots and send us to talk to the newbie guide in town.

All this is important because once we talk to the newbie guide of the city he will give us 12 newguide travel tokens which serve to tele-port us between the initial cities.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

Level 2 to 6.
At these levels we don’t have much to do, kill bugs around the city until we get to level 6.

Optionally you can ask the npc for a quest. These quests are usually a matter of talking between several npc’s and they end up giving you a piece of jewelry.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

Level 6

At level 6 there are two important things we have to do

The first one is to go around the city to locate a npc that looks like a kitten.

We will have several options for dialogue, but we are only interested in the first three:
1) The first option will give us a coupon which we can exchange for a weapon.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

2) The second option is to return the weapon and get the coupon back.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

3) In this option you can exchange the coupon for a weapon.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

I take this moment to give you a couple of tips, from level 1 to 20 we don’t have any passive

so feel free to grab any weapon you like best, personally I prefer the claws because they give two strokes instead of one
And the second advice is to prioritize passive skills learning rather than active ones, especially if you are a magician
The level 1 windstrike only costs 9 mana, it is preferable to raise the passive m.atk before its level
because once there are 20 of us, we’ll stop using this skill
the same for the warrior power strike, it’s good to have level 1 for over-hit but from level 20 we don’t use it anymore.

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

At level 6 each race has a quest to collect mob items, these quests pay you adena according to the amount of items you collect

We are not interested in taking the quest for adena; when you complete the quest for the first time
It will give us a very good amount of shoulshot/spiritshots
So once we have the quest it’s just to go kill a mob get the item and come back for the shots

Then we’ll keep killing the mobs in this quest until we reach level 8

*note: there is a possibility that you will not get the spirit/soulshot if you have more than one character in the same account
*note2: in this style of quest, you usually get paid more if you deliver every time you get 10 items of the same type

Level 8 to 12

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

Once we’re level 8 we’ll use our first token to go to Elven village

There we will order the Collect Spores quest
It’s pretty simple, go kill mushrooms, get 10 bags of spores, come back.
You’ll get 3,500 adena every time you complete it so we’ll be doing this all the way up to level 12

Once we are level 12, I advise you to go back to your hometown and do the two weapons missions of your race, this will give you more soulshot/spiritshot, life potions and crystals with music for when you feel depressed

Level 12 to 18

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

Once we’re level 12, we’ll go to dwarven village and ask for the quest:

Dreaming of the Skies.
this is definitely going to be the most important thing you have to do.
It consists of killing magical weaver until you get 50 floating stones, do not be afraid … there are many mobs, have assured drop and can throw up to 2 items at once

My advice is to find a spot with three bugs together and kill those three until the quest is complete.

The first time you complete the quest you will get a ring and 500sp
And from the second onwards you will be paid 2400 adena and 500sp
This is one of the few quests that pay you with sp so I advise you to do it until you reach level 18 so you can learn more skills once you make the change of class

Level 18 to 21

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

At level 18 we’ll go to Dark Elven village

And we’ll order the Sweetest Venom quest
this mission has the same format as Collect spores
only we’ll be killing spiders
once we have 10 sacks of poison, he’ll pay us
5,800 of adena I advise you to kill the Prowlers, as they will not poison you, however, it is better to have some antidotes on hand
we will repeat this quest until we get to 21, it’s up to you if you prefer to stop at 19 to do the change quest, but personally I recommend you to continue because of the amount of adena you can get
Level 21

Good to level 21

Farming guide (by Jerasa)

We can order from the city of Elven village the quest

Blood fiends (NPC: Creamees)
This mission is very simple, it’s to go kill a bug and come back
You may find the path a little difficult because the bug is inside the elven fortress but at the end of the quest it will give us 43,000 adena
*Note: you can’t ask for this quest if you’re a dark elf

In case you’re a dark elf, don’t be discouraged
You can order the quest Dangerous Seduction (Npc: Veillor)
This quest will send us to kill a succubus in School of Dark Magic
And it will give you about 100,000 adena on completion

Farming guide (by Jerasa)